Why you should avoid self Managing SEO for Your Business to save money


Why Most Self Run SEO Projects Go Without High SEO Ranking Results!

When you first learn about SEO you will soon learn that the SEO Experts will always talk about how important building SEO Backlinks is for your SEO campaigns, Sometimes this is enough to start people building backlinks for themselves and their Business website, but after days, weeks and even Months many do it yourself SEO apprentices are failing to rank their own website highly because of one determining factor which is: Getting your Backlinks indexed by the Search Engines.

Some times you will read that Getting your backlinks indexed by the Search Engines Happens automatically after a period of time, and say that it can take up to three Months for it to happen, So until then Search Engines will not count your SEO Backlinks on the Page until they are run over with a Search Engine Spider and indexed by the Search Engines. But what many so called experts say isn’t always true! while many backlinks do get indexed naturally without pinging which is an automatic response to the search engines about the page backlinks are on, but your backlinks do not get indexed 85% of the time! Period!

Getting your Backlinks indexed by the Search Engines should be an SEO Company’s number one priority after completing an SEO Backlink Building campaign. While many Seo Services are implementing this many SEO Company’s fail because of miss-conception or understanding of how the Search Engines crawl the world wide web. Pinging of your Backlink urls using freely available resources online is just not enough in this day and age for fast reliable seo ranking results.

Another misconception about SEO Backlink Building is the rate at which Backlinks should go for indexing. It depends on how new your website is and how competitive the SEO for your campaign is, you should understand this before starting backlink building for your new website to avoid any penalties for aggressive seo tactics.

When you Purchase our SEO Service you will receive top included backlink indexing services for getting the backlinks we create for you indexed by Search Engines for faster more reliable SEO Ranking. We pay for high quality indexing Services So you don’t have to worry about getting your backlinks indexed. Don’t be like many other SEO Managers that fails to get it right when it comes to SEO Backlink Building and indexing. We are opened to the public and offer you our expertise for excellent SEO Results you can trust.

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