Some ideas for where to get backlinks for SEO link building


About the Different Types of Backlinks there are and places to get to them!

While we won’t go into great detail about how to go about doing it, here is a basic overview of the main sources/ different ways you can get backlinks to your website. This always takes time and effort to do properly however you can hire our SEO Help Services to do it for you.

Our SEO Service doesn’t come cheap any more as we now have to work longer and harder for top Google ranks given the increased level of competition being seen through most local based Business niches around Australia.

Be sure to give your SEO Link building strategy for Google ranking plenty of time and to spread out your backlink building properly not all in one hit.

  • Affiliate Programs: When you start an affiliate program you will be issuing the affiliates an Affiliate URL that they must post on there blog/ website for customers to click on, this in turn gets counted as a vote for your website.
  • Article Submission: When posting an article in an Article Directory you will be give room for a signature on the bottom of the article where you can place a call to action with your link this link will usually be counted for SEO Purposes.
  • Directory Submission: There are many online Business directories on the internet. When you post your Business listing it will give you a place to add your website link into the listing description form.
  • Ebook Submission: When you write an ebook and submit it to a free online ebook download/ file sharing site the links contained within the ebook pointing to your website will count as an Backlink to your website.
  • Forum Posting: When you join an online Forum in most niches you will be give room for a signature that will display underneath your comments and posts, this is where you can have your Backlinks and giveaways/ advertisements posted every time you post.
  • Post commenting: When you visit a blog many times there will be a comments form below the article, this is where you can leave your website link and post a relative comment about the article.
  • Press Releases: Just like with article submission when you submit a press release you will sometimes be eligible to display your website in a clickable link this method was very popular 3 years ago and still has some great benefits.
  • RSS Feed Submission: If you have a WordPress Blog you will automatically have an RSS Feed built in to your System. When you submit your RSS feed to RSS Aggregators any links within the top section of the article will be posted on the RSS Feed site.
  • Social Bookmarking: When opening an Social Bookmarking account you will be asked to enter your Profile details including your Website, this in turn will show your website to Members of the community in the social bookmarking site.
  • Social Media Optimisation: When you open an Twitter Account or an Facebook Account you will also be asked to enter your website link. This will count towards your SEO Backlink Creations for your website.
  • Software submission: For software developers when you submit an Xml form for software submission approval for the Software Site you will also be asked to enter your website details. this in turn when published will display your website link on the published listing page.
  • Video Marketing: When you submit an video to video sharing sites more often than not you will be allowed to place an description with a call to action with a backlink.
  • Web 2.0 Blogg Accounts: When you open an Web 2.0 Blogg you will be allowed to post articles with content images etc however you like, this is where you can have Anchor text links pointing back to your website from a high page rank Authority website.
  • Internal Website links: Many don’t realise but internal Links that take your website visitor to another related article does count as a backlink, just be sure to use anchor text link with non spam relative call to action as the words of the link.
About backlinks: Some Backlinks will be marked as “NoFollow” which tells the Search engine spider not to follow the link to the web address. While many say that “NoFollow” do not count as backlinks for your website, there are a growing number of people that believe “NoFollow” Backlinks do in general carry some weight for good SEO as a healthy Business would naturally have a mixture of both throughout their link building efforts, and also it is said that there are Google algorithms that look for “NoFollow” to “Follow” Backlink Ratio’s in websites backlink Profiles to determine your nature & authenticity of accumulating backlinks to your website”
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