What is Seo?

What is seo search engine optimisation

What Is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of setting up your website so that the search engines can record and give you Search. Engine. Results. Position for your chosen content (the words in your Pages). Search Engine Optimzation can happen naturally without thinking about it or without planning to undertake seo. The best results come from Search Engine optimized pages with Excellent Quality content to give the readers. Google for example gives higher ranks to websites that are customer friendly, easy to navigate, read and provide Expert knowledge or quality products & services in any chosen niche.

Top SEO Results Depend on Several Factors

In modern SEO getting higher ranks can depend on your Business brand and mainly how popular you are becoming. This can be measured by Social Signals form your linked Social Page accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Likes, shares, retweets and followers are some of the strongest social signals google can monitor. Google also measures things like Youtube Video Activity, Social bookmarks, customer retention rate or bounce rate, customer activity or popular pages on your website, Website page load speed, duplicate content factor, Page Name structures, categories, Tags, inner page to page linking, web page titles & Headlines and functionality & more. Some of these factors are off site SEO Factors and Some of them are on Site SEO Factors. It can be a little confusing when you start an Internet Business so before you do start you should chat with a reputable SEO Service for Small Business to help you plan your Website structure so that it will be given the google stamp of approval!

Always Remember Google is Free to Like or Dislike Your Website!

Google is moving quickly and always changing what could work today may not work tomorrow in Seo. So play by the Google Guidelines to be on the safe side and work on other means of targeting traffic to your website, this could be by advertising, branding, newsletters, radio, television, email marketing, direct marketing, tele marketing, Social networking, pay per click, banner advertising, Business directory listing, affiliate Marketing, running competitions, viral marketing etc.

Good SEO Starts From The Ground Up!

I think it can consist many thing like the type of preparation, research, skill, desire & determination you have in you to start a Unique Business and not only that but to make it an honest helpful solution you are providing too! Uniqueness is what separates most brands from each other in Business and the seo world and this effects you by either helping you or limiting you with the amount of google love that is mysteriously passed through to your Website ranks for chosen queries.

SEO for webmasters is fun and practical in the modern world.


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