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The Importance of Using Keyword Rich Anchor Text links as Backlinks for your Website.

Anchor text links for SEO Purposes must contain keywords in relation to the page you are linking to. With Keyword rich anchor text links in your SEO Backlink campaign you will see great results in your SEO efforts An anchor text link is basically a link that tells the reader here is more information on the link, For example: “Visit our Affordable SEO Packages For more information on everything you need to achieve high SEO ranks for your Business”. The description/ keyword phrase in the link is the actual keyword phrase we want to rank high on Google for, in this case SEO Prices.

Having a keyword rich Anchor text links as backlinks on other websites is the only way to get high SEO Ranks for high competition keyword search queries. To explain the power of anchor text links I want to show you the following search query I did on Google for the Keyword/ Search query “Click here”.



What I wanted to point out is that Adobe ranked for the keyword “click here” on #3 spot out of Billions of indexed sites containing “click here” even though it has nothing to do with the “Click Here” Keyword.

So many Websites linked to adobe with the anchor text link containing “Click here” that adobe ranks high for a “Click here” Google Search Query! Google Search Engines think that adobe is related to “click here”.

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