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From the Desk of: Xavier Barroso
Date: 16th, August 2016 
Subject: Increase Conversions, Traffic flow of Customers & get the edge to give you more Internet Marketing Power than you need!


Dear Prospect,

There are Hundreds if not Thousands of SEO operators across the Gold Coast in Australia alone! So Why then is my service any different from the rest of the Search Engine Optimization Gold Coast Services and why do you need to consider buying it?

Many Local Start up Businesses are starting to make fast Internet Marketing Popularity with the use of creative design and copy with the help of Marketing Agents that have learned to juggle different projects and stay one step in front of the competition. Now after Years in Training and with the Modern Marketing Experience you can get all of the best for your Online Business needs in one Power packed SEO Marketing Service made uniquely for your Business that is Guaranteed to make an impact to the amount of clients you receive through your website.

I tried everything to try and Sell when I started an online Business from fancy graphics, lowering prices, Leaflets in the neighbourhood, Newspaper ads.. But I was Ultimately Marketing Offline more than online!! Only one thing has noticeably worked consistently over the years to Manage an online Business Presence in a consistent manner after that and that is The SEO Gold Coast Online Business Marketing Package!


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Introducing SEO Gold Coast Business Marketing Package An amazingly Power Packed SEO Marketing Technique that covers every aspect of an online Business Marketing Strategies for success with the Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.


The SEO Gold Coast Business Marketing Package is very unique in the fact that we offer you several Marketing approaches to Success with the Major Search Engines.


With the Local SEO Gold Coast Business Marketing Package you can sit back and enjoy how we work on your SEO Goals for Better Branding, More visibility in the Search Results, Higher Click through rates and a better overall approach to converting customers for better Returns and profit.



The SEO Gold Coast Marketing Package is a accumulation of years of trial and error that came out with the clever stuff to use to help Local Businesses Like yourself.

SEO Gold Coast Marketing Package Saves you time from having to do work load things like:

  • Keyword Research
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Website SEO/ Optimisation
  • Web design
  • Graphics design
  • SEO link /backlink building
  • Account creation
  • Research & Strategize Marketing appeal


With the SEO Gold Coast Business Marketing Package you can:

  • Enjoy as we work tirelessly around the clock to help your Business
  • Relax and know that we have everything set out and organized to work
  • Call us at any time for a live chat to see how were going
  • make judge decisions on our ideas we know are going to help your Business
  • Make a huge impact on the Local Search Engine Results
  • Increase your daily website visitor count
  • Make a better connection with your local visitors the second they enter your website
  • Increase your Business credibility and Social Media Presence
  • Have a better chance at making more money online from your website

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