PLR Script Review – What is this PHP program and What Can You Do With it?

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Does Your Internet Business Need a Productivity Booster!

Hello, thanks for dropping by My Name is Xavier Barroso I am a Self taught PHP Programmer/ Business entrepreneur that just loves everything about internet Business, Websites and Marketing. I run Several Services for Businesses with the need of boosting Marketing appeal.

Over the Last 2 Years I have been gradually programming and updating an existing Website/Member Management website software and turned it into something amazing. PLR Script is 3 Scripts in 1! With it you can either run a Membership type Business, an Online Store Type Business or a Blog type website, Use all 3 (recommended) or just choose the platform you wish to use in the admin settings page by turning platforms off with the click of a button.

PLR Script has been evolving with simple but powerful features to help make your Website more Productive as you use it. Some of the Latest features we implemented are to standard of the latest trends in Website Management with things like:

  • Customer Mobile Friendly Design
  • Fully featured Store listings with Shopping Cart
  • One Time Offer System allows you to display product add-ons & upgrades for After the initial Sale Sales (or Back End Sales).
  • Fully Featured Affiliate Management System Monitors your referred sales and Payout amounts about your sold Products
  • Unlimited Unique Affiliate Products (Give Affiliates Multiple options of products to sell with the Unique Affiliate Products Lister)
  • Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Page Titles, Meta Links & Page Url’s (Made Google Friendly)
  • Automatic Social Networks Posting (Used When adding New Product to the Online Store as Unique Affiliate Products)
  • Refund Manager allows you to monitor if the paid for products are still covered by Guarantee/ Money Back Period
  • Email Subscriber Mailing List Management with the e-Mailer System
  • Mass Mail Members and Affiliates with notices, special offers or upgrades
  • Login With Facebook option for your Customers
  • Push Button Easy Website Theme and Template Editor
  • And Much More!

With so many programmers selling Website scripts I was left to decide on what the average Business starter would appreciate having in the arsenal of tools to better Business for people and better Marketing for myself, and after much brainstorming I came up with some of those features for you to use with the PLR Script.

Also you will be happy to know that Plr Script is an Open Source Script which means you are free to use it alongside the license that it is bound by. However because this script is open source this does not mean Free of Charge!! I can not stop anyone else from giving it away as an open source product as the license gives you the freedom to do so, but just that you would have to be a little mad to at least not try to sell it for what its worth considering the time and effort that I have put into programming it and the incredible script it has become.

The Future of PLR Script is unclear while I am still experimenting with pricing ultimately to bring PLR Script to another Giant leap forward will cost money for labour or resources needed. This is because While I am an ok Programmer/designer I am liking the idea of just keeping it simple for now until once interest in the script starts I will make it even better.

PLR script is 100% Functional without script errors. We offer an error free Guarantee and Bonus Domain name and Hosting for 1 Year when you purchase PLR Script for Your Self. For More Information about PLR Script please Visit our Main Website


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I run a few different website's. I hope to help your Online Business needs with my services.