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Is Your Business Website Closing it’s Door To Mobile device Visitors?

Let’s get real, most of have surfed the web on our mobile’s right? but have you noticed how tricky it is to navigate through some websites on your tiny 2 x 4 inch screen?

Most of the sites today are still only designed for PC desktops so what we usually come across is an extremely tiny website we have to expand with our touch screen and slide from left to right just to read the Business description only to view the navigation menu click on a page and find it a big mess to deal with and just leave! See Ya Later!

So what are Growing Business’s supposed to do?

You can hire a web designer that might want to charge you from $300-$3000 for the work involved or you can use “Mobile Site Maker” a turnkey software we have just finished developing that turns any PC designed website into an easy to navigate mobile customer friendly website in a few easy steps.

  • Mobile Site Maker is a PHP platform program that helps you create a mobile friendly website area for your mobile device customers.
  • Mobile Site Maker is turnkey, just upload it to your server, log into your admin and start editing and adding content to your pages.
  • With Mobile Site Maker You can easily manage your mobile friendly website without any knowledge in website programming or design.
  • Mobile Site Maker has a unique feature that Prompts iphone and android users to download/Install your unique icon iPhone app to there smart phone
mobile friendly with iPhone app

To fully understand the benefits of Mobile Site Maker and to enter the demo admin area goto:

mobile website template maker

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