Latest Google (SERP) Ranking Tips For Internet Based Businesses Listed on Google


What is Google Looking for when determining your

S.E.R.P or Search Engine Ranking Position?

In this article we will talk briefly about Top 10 Positions in Google ranking algorithm and how you can go about getting higher position listings in Google with these factors worked on in your website. If you find that all the tasks in this article are out of your capabilities and want someone to do it for you read below about our Google SEO Services.

Tip number 1: Have a customer Friendly Website

Search Engines Like Google are in the Business of giving customers the very best options for the related Search Engine Query used for Search! if Search Engines Like Google don’t provide best result customers will soon start searching else where so make sure you are and expert in your field with things like:

  1. A lot of Easy to read and understand content about your particular products and niche
  2. Easy to navigate menu for pages and a call to action with your Contact Details made easily accessible
  3. Answer all possible questions customers might have with a Frequently asked questions page
  4. Display your Website Disclaimers through links made accessible from every page on your website.
  5. Link to your Social Network accounts so customers can review your Social Networking activity
  6. Use Seo Optimisation techniques always with usability and customer friendliness in mind

Tip number 2: Optimise Your Website Pages using SEO Optimisation Ranking Factors

While Google ranking factors are usually automatic based on their algorithms it makes a lot of sense to optimise the Pages of your website using some of these SEO Ranking factors for best results:

  1. Product keywords Named in the URL of the Page example:
  2. Use a Descriptive Page Title; html example:Best Blue Widgets in the Gold Coast – By The Blue Widget Company
  3. Use a Meta Description Tag; html example:
  4. Use Meta Keywords Tag; html example:
  5. Use Meta Tags on the bottom of actual description part of the product page for search engine indexing: html example: Blue Wooden Widgets, Best Blue Wooden Widgets
  6. Link to other pages of your website using related keywords for the page in example content: Blue widgets are a popular affordable alternative to Red Metal Widgets which are more expensive and are usually used for commercial use purposes at high altitude
  7. Add Social Sharing options: Social sharing by others is seen as a vote for your website by Google! so add Social Sharing buttons to help your website get votes
  8. Use keyword optimised image names and alternative text methods: here is an example optimised image source code: <img title=”Our more affordable Blue Widgets with 80% grade” src=”” alt=”80% Grade blue wooden widgets” />

Tip number 3: Link to your Website Pages from your Social Networking Accounts

  1. Post Top Quality Content on your Website and Post a link to the content on your Social Accounts
  2. Post “Give me more” type content on your Social Accounts to attract them to click through to your website for more!

Tip number 4: Link to your Website Pages from other Websites & Directories

  1. Post your Business Services on Local Business Directory Listing Websites and link back to your Website
  2. Choose Business related categories for your directory listing, Keyword in you descriptions and keyword listing Titles, Suburb Location
  3. Post your Press Release information on Press Release Websites with a link pointing back to your website in the PR.

Tip number 5: Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

  1. Open a Google account and fill in your Business details and Service descriptions for Google Places/Google Maps
  2. Choose niche related categories for your listing, Keyword enhanced descriptions and Business/keyword name titles, Business Local Location

Getting higher ranks on Google and other search Engines usually takes time and lots of effort depending on the competition for your Business Type and Location. Most Businesses opt in for Local Business Seo because the local competition is not as high as the national competition for products and services and the result is getting Ranked on Search Engines a lot faster, this is something you have to manage and decide on before you start your Search Engine Optimization Efforts.


Xavier Barroso is an SEO Specialist based in the Gold Coast , Australia. Xavier is an expert in Google Search Engine Optimisation for local Businesses. All the above tasks can be done by Xavier and his team for you. For full details on the current Monthly SEO Plans on offer please visit Gold Coast SEO Service or for custom made plans made to suit you please contact us using the details in the Contact Us Page with your requirements.

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