Hi, If you have any questions regarding SEO, Marketing or any of my Products that are not listed here please contact us using the details on the Contact us Page or call us on 0419 777 170.

SEO Service FAQ

Question: How do you accept payments?
Answer: After we chat, analyse your website and send you an estimate if you agree to go forward with the payment we will send you a payment request through Paypal billing system

Question:Do you offer an Money Back Guarantee? 
Answer: No, we can not give you a money back Guarantee because we will spend at least a full weeks worth of hours working on your project. We apologise for this,  if you have any questions please feel free to email us at service@clubgold.com.au or sms to: 0419 777 170 we will be glad to help.

Question: What if I need support or have odd questions?
Answer: If you need support please just give us a call or contact us by email

Question: How long will it take to get listed on first page of Google?
Answer: This depends on the level of competition for your Industry if you are a local Business we can specularte that 2-3 Months will get you pretty close to first page.

Question: Can we sit down and chat this through?
Answer: Sure we can, just call me and we will arrange a time to meet up and talk about your requirements.