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Does Your Business Have A Pre-Empt Customer Bounce Plan?

Say What? Hahaha…In other words is your Business or Website Getting Customers to say Yes, before they say No because they are confused, haven’t got the information clearly or haven’t been given a Why? What do you mean a Why?


Business’s Thrive Because They Are Unique

And so the Business’s on top of the Marketing game come up with a (U.S.P) Unique Selling Proposition’s or a slogan as also known by to send clear and concise message to their prospect to tell them Why they should do Business with them than rather the competition.

Because at the end of the day when your customer ends confused after searching for services; which most of the time happens they will judge you on the price of your service and you don’t want that.

Slogans are used normally Under the Business Logo to give the customer the idea of what doing Business with them will be like. .Clear and concise WHY!!!


What I am Offering Your Business Today!!

With my Slogan creation service you will receive unlimited revisions of a creative Business Unique Selling Proposition write up for your Business. I will also research what your national and local Business competition are using and I will better it for you..

If you like I will also give you my honest opinion on who’s Business service I would choose if I were an ordinary customer looking for your product or service type and why. This may give you a seed of an idea where you are going right or where you are going wrong with your Business plan.

The Goal is to not let your customers walk out the door or let them hit the < Back button on their browser. So with this in mind I will review your Business product or Service and and do everything I can to create a suitable Unique Selling Proposition for your Business and Website.

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I run a few different website's. I hope to help your Online Business needs with my services.