Why Search Engines want you to have high quality backlinks


Why its Important to build High PR (Page Rank) Backlinks Pointing to your Website for faster Search Engine Ranking!

Backlinks are not always great for your SEO! if you want to rank fast on Google like most people do you want to build the most powerful backlinks you can. This is where you have to mix in some high and low Page Rank Backlinks for your website. High Page Rank is a term that is given to websites that have a very high web visitor rate per day/ month etc. The higher the visitor count the higher the Page Rank of the website and the better and more powerful the backlinks are that you have from that website or specifically the website page it self if it is a busy or popular page.

But page rank isn’t just given to websites it is also given to new pages posts of the website. However when high page rank websites start a new page it is a lot easier to rise the level of page rank to the page than on a lower page ranked website. High page rank websites get visited regularly not only by human visitors but by Spiders (Programs). These programs visit the website in search of new content to record on the database of the Search Engine to display for the search results.

The higher your Page rank the more often the spiders will visit the high page rank Website in search for new content. And the more often the Spider find your links on the Website and takes them to your Website the higher the attention the Search Engine will give your Website SEO and thus Higher SEO Ranking over time. To build High Page Rank SEO backlinks you should create a lot of content in articles and open a web 2.0 blog for example wordpress.com account.

With a growing blog on a high page rank site like WordPress over time you are going to be seen by many readers, this also starts to send social signals to Search Engines when your readers start to share your posts you wrote on the blog’s pages, social signals on high page rank websites are excellent for ranking and SEO. For best results post daily into your 2.0 web Blogg this will get the Spiders coming to your Blogg very often.

High page rank Backlinks are key to SEO ranking in Google very fast, we specialise in High page rank Authority Blogg Management and content creation. If you really want get High ranks Trust Us to Manage your Web 2.0 Blog posts with unique fresh standout content that gets peoples attention and promotes sharing and likes from fellow readers. Our Affordable SEO Services can cater to your SEO Goals. For further information please contact us using the details on the “Contact Us Page”.

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