Benefits Versus Features Which Are You Using In Your Business Plan?

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In a time where technology is evolving fast and new options for Business and recreation are always presented to us, some people after a while may be feeling a little bored as to this dawn of age, because what we really feel in this information and technology age is the, POP there’s a new one, POP there’s another one POP, POP, POP ,POP, when all you are really listening for is for is an answer! Now these new POP’s as I call them have a particular use not always excellent but are indeed leveraging our abilities to move forward as a BusinessĀ or maybe just satisfying our wants.

But deep down in the heart of a person is the need for an answer! Even if the person is successful or already a millionaire there is always an answer they seek, many times they don’t know what their looking for many times its inspiration in the form of a different approach to it all, be it for Business or personal growth or spiritual, an answer is always needed. A Hunger for More!

Business’s Today Only Have Approximately 3 Seconds To Answer The Customer’s Needs!

It’s true that people today have a short attention span! So how you inspire the customer in todays age to go and get out of his comfort zone pick up the phone and call you comes down to the answer you present to them in your advertisement, slogan & Unique Selling Proposition. If you are going to waste the customers time talking about features or professional qualifications and things they can not relate to you will definitely hinder your chances of a successful Marketing Campaign because people don’t like hearing people ramble on about themselves. This does not rule out the use of features, but just that you must be aware of the underlying needs your customer faces and be smart in addressing that you are the service that has their interests met.

What I see is happening a lot in todays Marketing & Business Approaches

I see it happening with all types of websites and that is they try to much with flashy designs and so forth. It is true that a picture tells a thousand words, but when your website has a thousand pictures you are best planting a seed of a picture with a few words! I believe image is everything but this does not mean go wild with flashy web design. Quite the opposite keep it simple and show you are there to personally have their interests come first with concise answers to their needs. in the form of easy to read and digestible information and promiseĀ but not go wild and give too much feature and qualifications. People relate to peoples personality that usually comes from a message or sales letter.


Xavier Barroso

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