Why you need to Build Backlinks for High SEO Ranks on Google


About The Importance of Backlinks For SEO Ranking on Google Search Engine

In 1996 Google became famous for the way they determined a websites importance and their Rank in the search engine ranking Results. Initially the google algorithm was very basic, all you really needed was links from other sites pointing to your site. Any of these backlinks would be counted as a vote from another website to yours, so the more votes/links you had for your website the higher google would place you on the Search Results. They also started to include algorithms on how trustworthy or important other websites were that were linking to you, and this would also determine the ranking you got from google also.

Over time more and more Google Algorithms were included to determine importance of websites. The Foundation to determining Ranking (Backlinks) however stayed the strongest Rank motivator for Top Page 1 Google SEO Ranking only more complex. The Linking Website’s Page Rank or Traffic/visitor numbers factors were added to the algorithm as well as the Niche relevancy to your Business at where you had your Backlinks posted.

Google SEO Ranking Is still largely based on the Power/ Relevancy of Backlinks pointing to your Website!

Backlinks are the fuel to power your Website up the rankings for high SEO Results! Without backlinks you can not rank high ever period! At least not on Google & at least not for high competition keywords that bring traffic/ visibility and popularity in the truckloads.. If you need your Website ranked on Top of Page 1 for high competition keywords, firstly you need to talk to an SEO Service that know’s what keywords to rank for. High competition keywords aren’t always necessarily good for Business. It depends on how you go about it, what niche it is etc.

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